This series of works, completed over 2009 and 2010, are all about the diversity of the human race.

I’m interested in the structural differences of different ethnic groups and how a simple profile can express these characteristics. It’s fascinating how much variety there is in today’s multicultural societies. This diversity is a result of the isolation of early populations. Modern communication and travel, of course, explain the multicultural nature of the world today. Although we become a more homogenized society, we all identify with our cultural origins and much is done to preserve our diverse cultures.

These faces are modelled using a concept of creating faces from two ribbons following a profile and an imaginary cheek line. I’ve split the face in half to accentuate the ribbon quality of the two developable surfaces. This could read as left and right brain function or conscious mind and unconscious mind (shadow).
Ngalan (light)              2mm copper & limestone plate, 48.5cm high, July 2009.  Sold
Amos        2mm copper & limestone, 51cm high, July
Deborah          2mm copper & limestone, 49cm high, 
Helen          2mm copper & limestone, 49cm high, September 2009
Iwi               2mm copper & limestone, 50cm high, May 2010
Irene             2mm copper & limestone, 50cm high, May 2010
Cry            2mm copper & limestone, 45cm high, January 2010

“Cry” is a creation of my imagination and is reminiscent of the mask of tragedy from the theatre. The two sides are misaligned to accentuate the sense of anguish
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