“Helen & Hana” were built in August 2010 and have been installed on The Strand inTauranga, at The Lakes, for the Tauranga Garden and Art Festival and the Turanga Creek Vineyard in Whitford. They are currently at The Gallery, Helena Bay. 

The two faces are subtly different, Helen is a European (my beloved) and Hana is a Maori (her friend).

These faces are modeled using a concept I’ve been working on recently – the idea of creating faces from two ribbons following a profile and an imaginary cheek line. The division between each side accentuates the perception of two ribbons.

I see, in these sculptures, bones thrusting out of the earth; faces staring out to the land and their skulls piercing the sky.
Helen & Hana at The Strand, Tauranga.     3 & 4mm corten steel, 4.5m high, August 2010
Helen & Hana at The Lakes, Tauranga
Helen & Hana at Turanga Creek Vineyard
The Sculpture Park @ Waitakaruru
Waitakaruru (moved)
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