Helen & I were riding south out of the Waipoua Kauri Forest late last year on the motor bike.  A harrier or hawk launched it's self from the undergrowth on the side of the road, barely missing our helmets. The harrier is a native of New Zealand and it's Maori name is Kahu. This was the inspiration for the "Kahu" works.
Kahu – Escape        3mm steel , 1.05m high, March 07
Kahu – Escape #2     3mm steelplate, 1m highapprox, April 07. Sold
Kahu – Escape #3       3mm steel , 1.11m high, May 07. Sold
Out of the blue       2 &3mm steel , 4m high, May 2007. Sold
Gothic Kahu      3mm steel , 1.16mhigh  , May 08. Sold
Gothic Kahu       3mm Corten , 1.2 metershigh, February 09.
Kahu       3 & 4mm Corten , 2.04 meters high, February 09. Sold
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