These Kiwis were inspired by a dream I had early in 2006. The feelings I wanted to express were shy, introspective, defensive but solid and grounded - feelings I have had as I crawled out of the hole I was in as a typically emotionally numb man. These kiwis represent, for me, the archetypal Kiwi male: the first men to come to New Zealand spent sometimes two years in isolation, clearing the land before their women arrived.

I like the elemental quality of plate steel and copper. Not for me, the sculpture made from found objects. I wanted to create something new, with flowing organic lines, as if it arose from nature.

The early work is created from 3mm mild steel plate, marked out from elevation drawings and cut out with a plasma cutter. Pieces are tack welded using a MIG welder; pulled into shape with clamps and some heating with oxy/acetylene. Once fully tacked together the joints are completely welded.
Joints are ground roughly with a grinding disc on an angle grinder, and then polished with a sanding flap disk. Tight corners are finished with a compressed airpowered die grinder with various grinding and sanding bits. This leaves all the welded joints with a smooth bright silver finish.To obtain the blue - grey patina, the piece is heated with oxy/acetylene and a rose tip. This gives the surface a certain degree of protection from corrosion. Nialic is used to further protect the surface.

Later works are modelled in Rhinoceros, a 3D CAD program. Rhinoceros allows surfaces to "unrolled" to produce patterns which are cut out of corten steel or copper on a CNC plasma cutting table.
Grounded Kiwi      3mm steel, 30cm high, March 06
Elephantine Kiwi   3mm steel , 52cm high, July 06. Sold
Protective Kiwi       3mm steel , 35cm high,90cm long, July 06. Sold
Solid Kiwi       3mm steel , 57cm high, September 2006. Sold
Reaching Kiwi      3mm steel , 35cm high,90cm long, Feb 07. Sold
Kiwis 8, 9 &10     3 & 4mm Corten, 1.98, 1.4,1.24m high, July 08. 9 & 10 Sold
Emil’s Kiwi      3&4mmCorten, 2 meters high, Nov 08. Sold
Kiwi 9 Edition of 50       2mm copper , 33cm high, January 2010. Sold
Kiwi 7 Edition of 50      2mm copper , 33cm high, January 2010
Kiwi 4 Edition of 50      2mm copper , 33cm high, January 2010. Sold
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